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Las Colinas Golf & Country Club - Avenida de las Colinas, 2 · 03189 · Orihuela Costa, Alicante · Tel.: +34 965 324 004 

At Las Colinas

A world apart for sample (restaurants)

A world apart... for sample

Las Colinas Golf & Country Club offers an inviting range of restaurant and leisure options. These amenities are located in the Clubhouse, a large Mediterranean-style building (1,500 sq. metres), only a few steps away from tees 1 and 10, greens 9 and 18 and the practice facilities, with magnificent views over the lake at hole 18. 
In this central and welcoming location, customers can enjoy sophisticated international cuisine at UNiK CAFÉ, superb Japanese cuisine at enso sushibar. The terraces of both restaurants are popular with residents and visitors, where you can enjoy a drink on the terrace after a pleasant round of golf, have lunch in the open air under the warm. Mediterranean sun or watch the live entertainment with friends on summer nights.
We can only guarantee a available table if you book in advance. Call us on +34 965 32 40 04 or send an email to
A world apart... for sample

UNiK Café (restaurants)


Located in the Clubhouse, UNiK CAFÉ serves fine food, designed to satisfy the different tastes of an international clientele. Its cuisine, which is simple but based on top quality ingredients, reinvents classic dishes by adding a touch of balanced creativity. 
Both the residents of Las Colinas Golf & Country Club and visitors, whether or not they are golfers, will be able to enjoy a full range of culinary delights in a unique atmosphere throughout the day. In the morning, we serve a choice of Spanish and international breakfast to boost your energy levels first thing or provide a relaxing start to the day.
The restaurant decoration is courtesy of leading Spanish interior designer, Pepe Leal, whose designs are regularly showcased at Casa Décor.
UNiK CAFÉ opens up to the outside through its magnificent outdoor terraces with views over the lake at hole 18 of Las Colinas golf course. For special celebrations, it also has a private dining room seating 30 people.

Menu cafe (restaurants)

enso sushibar (restaurants)

enso sushibar

enso sushibar
enso sushibar offers customers the elegance, harmony and simplicity that characterises Japanese cuisine, in the hands of experienced chefs who lavish attention on every detail of the dishes they serve. 
A culinary experience that observes the rules of Japanese cuisine and is meticulous about the product served; ensuring it is nutritious, rich in vitamins and trace elements, low in calories and fat content, free of unnecessary complications but always containing the finest quality ingredients.
Sampling sushi at enso is a truly unique experience, not just because of the wide variety of sashimi and high quality sushi served there but also due to the bar’s great setting, with spectacular views over the Las Colinas 18-hole championship golf course. 
Enjoy the golf and sushi experience thanks to the fusion of the enso sushi bar and Las Colinas Golf & Country Club.
We can only guarantee a available table if you book in advance. Call us on (+34) 601 27 72 43